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Hoofddorper Harvey Kadijk zet rouwproces om in film
geplaatst door Angelo Luis Perez Lebbink / 11 Feb
Director and writer Harvey Kadijk from Hoofddorp and his team appeal to the public for the realization of his new short film called Lost. In this he processes a difficult period with loss in his life. The film is a fairy tale with universal themes such as mourning and sadness, and reflects on life as we experience it every day. A film with a clear message: enjoy and cherish every second because it can be over in no time. “Lost is a personal story that I would like to show to the public, in the past years I have lost a lot of loved ones. The grieving process has had a huge impact on me, I put the sadness, pain and loss on paper, and eventually I incorporated it into a screenplay.” The leading roles are played by philosopher, actor and musician Aristo Mijnals and actress Jihane el Fahidi. Producer Angelo Perez Lebbink helps create a more inclusive landscape through film. “We are going for diversity in terms of cast and crew, things are going better with diversity in Dutch films, but there is a distance to bridge”. Harvey has the drive to make this short film, but it takes a budget to do it. That is why he has started a crowdfunding campaign, which you can participate in from just a few euros. The recordings will start when half of the funding has been received, target date is April 2 in Hoofddorp. You can give support via gofundme via this link:

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