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Volunteer actors wanted.
geplaatst door David Matturro / 10 jul
We are looking for people to make a (English) realistic gangster/ghetto type film in ZOETERMEER. AUG/OKT.
The movie go be sold and promote.
The story is in the making, mainly about someone that is hustling while having much enemies around.
Soon the storyboard go be sent to the participating. Improvisation is a big part of this production discussed before filming.

We need:
±20: Main characters, gangster looking. ±(18-30yr)
±30: Characters, gangster looking. ±(18-30yr)
±20: Roles all type of ages.
±30: Extras. ±(18-35yr)

EMAIL short audition with personal info, phone and own equipment to: [email protected] you will receive a RE if you are selected and which role.