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Acting Class: (English)
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You will learn how to be relaxed and play in the moment

The unique Swedish Acting Coach “Tony Grahn” will give the weekend on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of March an intensive masterclass @ faaam: 'The Basic of The ReFocusMethod'.
“ Why?” – I'm sure you know! As an actor yourself, no matter how good you are, you're too much in your head... You’ll think about what felt good or not, what you should have done different, and does the director like it…? You know, you’re to much in your head which won’t work. “Time to focus on "being in the moment” – “Shit I’m not!“

With the Refocus Method you can learn with handy techniques to be continously in the moment and act. By applying this over and over again, there is room for unexpected moments of play that can never come when you try to be "in control".
And of course, you can apply this technique very simply while you’re doing a casting!

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If you want to signup, but this weekend doesn’t fit to your schedule… Send us and email: [email protected]

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