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Engeland loves Zombibi
geplaatst door Paul Ruven / 3 sep
Zombibi (Kill Zombie!) scoorde een aantal goede recensies in Engeland:

Kill Zombie! is brilliantly acted, incredibly violent, utterly idiotic and very very enjoyable. It doesn't sparkle with originality, but it works fantastically well as a comedy. In fact - and prepare to roll your eyes - this is the Dutch Shaun of the Dead. Yeah, I said it. Get over it. (GOREPRESS)

Writer Tijs van Marle and Directors Marijn Smits and Erwin Ven Den Eshof create a Zom-Com which uses charmingly outdated wit to its advantage. With an entertaining kill count and arsenal that makes Shaun of the Dead look like My Little Pony, Kill Zombie! Is a truly entertaining piece worthy of your time. (BOXOFFICEBUZ)

Kill Zombie! is big, loud, non-stop nonsense full of over-the-top unsubtle European slapstick style humour and a commendable amount of extremely-creative gore and eye-opening splatter FX. (STARBURSTMAGAZINE)

"Kill Zombie is the horror film that Nickelodeon never made!"
(Film4 Frightfest 2012: Kill Zombie! Movie Review)