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Masterclass for professional actors
geplaatst door faaam - film actors academy amsterdam / 12 jun
faaam presents a new masterclass: a method to act in the present and to get out of your head!

This masterclass is only for experienced professional actors in the film industry. Together with Tony Grahn you will work on how to keep your focus in the moment and improve your performance during auditions or on set.

The method is a systematic approach for developing a “sixth sense” for identifying and letting go of tension in the body and becoming aware where focus should be directed. It enables the actor to create a strong and believable performance within a remarkably short preparation period. The ReFocusMethod is an effective technique to get you out of your head and to act in the present.

Have you never tried this as a professional actor? You really should! Check the comments of other professionals:

Apply now for the weekend of Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of July 2019: Masterclass ReFocusMethod:

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